Benson Family of Canandaigua, NY

Photographs and Memorabilia

Roy G. Benson Sr. With Frances L. (Gulvin) Benson




Burrnard and Dorothy Fox

Cousins at Benson Reunion
From the Finger Lakes Times 1997

An Editorial by Robert Benson, my first cousin

Sad witness

To the editor:

Recently at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Library in Geneva, NY while
taking the elevator, I glimpsed from the door a mother and child,
a girl about six years old at a bright learning screen. I could not help
hearing the child, who was having difficulty seeing the screen, say,
"Mommy, I want to see!"

Just before the elevator door closed I saw, unforgettably, the mother strike
the child in the face. In the darkness of the elevator, I wept profusely.

Childless 56 years because of retardation, I ask mothers not to keep
their children in darkness.

The day of the incident was National Prayer Day. I ask you to pray for
knowledge and wisdom.




Roy G. (Bunny) Benson

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