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Cynthia Baldwin, b. 1790, married Elisha Burr, and was mother of
Celestia Cynthia Burr, my namesake.

A tintype of Celestia Cynthia Burr, my namesake.

Maplewood Cemetery in Orleans County New York



Sarah and her sister Celestia Cynthia Burr are at
Hillside Cemetery in Holly, Orleans Co., NY 
For some reason George Newton, son of Sarah,
is on the stone with Celestia.


The following is an email I received recently

And my reply to the above:

I am way behind in my genealogy work, as you can see. I found your email to be of interest
but unfortunately I have no information other than that on my web. If you should learn any more
please keep me updated. I am descended from Benjamin Burr who arrived around the
same time as Jehu. They may have been brothers but I do not know for sure. Jehu went on
to Fairfield and Benjamin to Hartford.


Mary Chapin wife of Gen. Timothy Burr

General Timothy Burr of Rochester, N.Y.

Alfred E. Burr of Hartford, CT.


J. H. Burr

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